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To maximize your investment and minimize downtime, you have to keep your packaging machines and equipment in tip-top shape by following the manufacturer’s routine maintenance schedule. Because Pro-Pack is certified and authorized by the brands we sell, our technicians are trained by the manufacturers to perform repairs, as well as maintenance and troubleshooting.

And Pro-active Assessment …

Pro-Pack technicians not only perform routine maintenance on your industrial packaging tools and machines, they also proactively assess the piece for potential problems and issues. This allows our customers to plan ahead for repairs or replacement, anticipate potential delays, minimize downtime and put contingency plans into place.

Equals Reduced Downtime and Increased Profitability

For example, routine strapping machine maintenance might reveal an aging component with only a few more months of reliability. Because Pro-Pack conducted the strapping machine maintenance, the machine’s owner can plan ahead to purchase a replacement for the aging part, and schedule a repair in advance, thus avoiding costly downtime and ensuring that his operation continues to run smoothly.